Friday, March 28, 2014

The scarves are in!

Check out our beautiful new scarves!

We have something new!  Beautiful scarf and hobo bag sets.
You'll love them.

Pictures just don't do them justice.

 Come on in and find something to compliment your Easter ensemble.

 Check out the visors and our beautiful apple green scarves.
Apple green is just my favorite color!

 We have sweet birds and cute frogs.

Hop on in!

Everything looks great!!

See you soon,


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring at Mountain Home

The Hydrangea Collection

Hand Painted Butterfly Pillows

Framed quilts with an over painting on glass.

 A New addition, Painted Canvases

Beautiful new glycerine soaps.

Painted window

Ferns and Hand Painted slates

Wall baskets and baby grass bunches

 Precious nests

And as soon as the Fed-Ex truck gets here, there will be lots of Raven's Nest Raspberry Jalapeno Jam right back in there where the blue and white teapot sits!

We are expecting a wonderful shipment of new spring scarves, hobo bags, and visors.  Sorry, no pictures yet.  Check back tomorrow.

Looking forward to Spring!
Hope to see you soon,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Shower is Coming!

There is an upcoming shower for my sweet daughter-in-law-to-be!  We are trying to decide on tablecloths and a theme.  What do you think?
Should we do vintage and all different?

Or should we do newer and all the same?  Should we mix and match?
What do you think?

It's a tough call.

Thanks for stopping by,