Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's time to get ready for winter!

Fall is almost over and winter is coming on.  It's time to get  ready.  The animals even know it's coming.  The squirrels are busily gathering acorns, raiding my bird feeders and gathering anything they can safely store away. 

Most of the berries and other food stuffs are beginning to become scarce. 

 If you want to have wonderful little bird friends to keep you company in the winter, now is the time to begin feeding them really regularly. 

Black oil sunflower seeds are the favorite around here.  On really cold winter days,  the fat from a suet mix will help keep them warm.  Peanut butter mixed with seed is a great treat also.

Nuthatches, chickadees, purple house finches and goldfinches are the most often sighted on my feeders. Don't forget to scatter some on the ground for the larger birds. Cardinals, bluejays, doves and other larger birds are most often ground feeders.

If you plan to feed the birds, remember to be consistent.  If there is a big snow on the ground, they really depend on you for nourishment.  If they have made the decision to stay near your home for the winter, they have done so with the expectation that a meal will be there when they need it.
The temperature is dropping tonight.  We'll be close to the freezing point.  I've begun to bring in a few plants that I will winter over in our glassed in back porch.  I'm a terrible softy.  I just can't let some of them go!  I'll show you pictures of my "greenhouse" as soon as I get my camera and my computer to be "friends."
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Wednesday

Don't you just love crystal and lace and white?
I wanted to share some of my hand painted items with you today. 
This little area is located at the entrance of the shop.
An old ironing board becomes a beautiful wall display when painted with a sweet country church and the words "Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound."
I love painting these little burgundy roses.  They look wonderful against old white linens and lace.  Don't you think? 

White hydrangeas have been one of my best sellers this year.
As you can see I've painted them on lots of things.
My favorites are the cake stands.
Wouldn't a lovely white coconut cake look great there?

Vases, pitchers, journals, candles, these are just a few of the many things in my painted display.

One or two blossoms in white milk glass make the perfect little arrangement.

And of course roses on crystal.  The goblets make wonderful wedding gifts. The tiny vases make a perfect gift for a sick friend.  All you need is one little blossom from your garden. 

Have a Beautiful White Wednesday!

A few of our favorite things

We have old things,

We have new things.

We have things we buy.

We have things we make ourselves.

We have things that smell wonderful.

We have things that stimulate your mind.

We have things that make you feel pretty.

We have wonderful pottery for your home.

We have cuddly things.

We have things that make you laugh.

Mountain Home Gifts is a wonderful collection of lots of different things.
I have operated the gift shop which is located in the rear of the historic Bishop Otey Cottage for the last eleven years.  I am now blessed beyond measure and also call this wonderful place home.  (The commute is just terrible!   [LOL].  I step out of my kitchen or dining room and into my shop.)  We are located in beautiful downtown Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.

Come see us some time!


Monday, October 25, 2010

A beautiful Monday

Usually you don't think about Monday's being beautiful.  Sometimes they are stressful to the nth degree.
Phones ringing constantly, someone at the door, laundry to do, floors to vacuum. You name it and it can usually go wrong.  This Monday has been quiet, peaceful and only the occasional phone call.  We had rain over night.  Thunder rumbling in the distance and rain on the roof.  Really good sleeping music.  We've had rain today too.  I love to do house work when it rains.  I got all my cleaning done and have even  managed to paint a little and read a little. 
Life is good!

Now take my mom, she hates the rain.  She loves doing her cleaning on a sunny day.  Her birthday was this last Sunday.  Happy, happy birthday Mom.  I love you.

 You can catch a peek of the shop behind Mom.  (Sorry, the Hoosier cabinet has sold.)
I am expecting some orders for the shop in this week.  Raspberry jalapeno jam,  new place mats and table runners and some of our wonderful Keeper's of the Light candles.  I think I hear the UPS truck now.  Got to go!!!

Hoping you have a beautiful Monday too!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little bit about me.

All things bright and beautiful

I thought I would begin to show you a few things I do.  A few of my paintings.  One of the things I like to do is to paint on old glass windows.  

Amazing Grace
(sold, but I will take orders)

Mountain Home Gifts is located near the United Methodist Assembly in Beautiful Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.  I always try to keep window paintings on hand.

Mountain View Church

If you see something you are interested in you can contact me by e-mail.
Hope you have enjoyed this little preview. 
I hope to have photos of my painted Christmas mirrors soon and maybe a little tour of the gift shop.

See you!


He is everywhere

Under the wings of a butterfly

On the petals of a flower

Or in a field of wildflowers.

The Chapel at the United Methodist Assembly near Vesper Point

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Mountain Home

Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

In this post, it is my hope to show you glimpses of our life here on the mountain and to show you why we love it so much.  I am very new to blogging, but with the help of my daughter I hope to launch myself into this wonderful new world.

 Little by little I want to introduce you to my world. 

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A taste of Autumn

Welcome Beautiful Bountiful Autumn

Fall in the mountains.  You really should come!!  Our weather has been very dry.  No rain for days.  But as I write this post, I actually hear rain on our roof.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!