Monday, October 25, 2010

A beautiful Monday

Usually you don't think about Monday's being beautiful.  Sometimes they are stressful to the nth degree.
Phones ringing constantly, someone at the door, laundry to do, floors to vacuum. You name it and it can usually go wrong.  This Monday has been quiet, peaceful and only the occasional phone call.  We had rain over night.  Thunder rumbling in the distance and rain on the roof.  Really good sleeping music.  We've had rain today too.  I love to do house work when it rains.  I got all my cleaning done and have even  managed to paint a little and read a little. 
Life is good!

Now take my mom, she hates the rain.  She loves doing her cleaning on a sunny day.  Her birthday was this last Sunday.  Happy, happy birthday Mom.  I love you.

 You can catch a peek of the shop behind Mom.  (Sorry, the Hoosier cabinet has sold.)
I am expecting some orders for the shop in this week.  Raspberry jalapeno jam,  new place mats and table runners and some of our wonderful Keeper's of the Light candles.  I think I hear the UPS truck now.  Got to go!!!

Hoping you have a beautiful Monday too!


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