Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's time to get ready for winter!

Fall is almost over and winter is coming on.  It's time to get  ready.  The animals even know it's coming.  The squirrels are busily gathering acorns, raiding my bird feeders and gathering anything they can safely store away. 

Most of the berries and other food stuffs are beginning to become scarce. 

 If you want to have wonderful little bird friends to keep you company in the winter, now is the time to begin feeding them really regularly. 

Black oil sunflower seeds are the favorite around here.  On really cold winter days,  the fat from a suet mix will help keep them warm.  Peanut butter mixed with seed is a great treat also.

Nuthatches, chickadees, purple house finches and goldfinches are the most often sighted on my feeders. Don't forget to scatter some on the ground for the larger birds. Cardinals, bluejays, doves and other larger birds are most often ground feeders.

If you plan to feed the birds, remember to be consistent.  If there is a big snow on the ground, they really depend on you for nourishment.  If they have made the decision to stay near your home for the winter, they have done so with the expectation that a meal will be there when they need it.
The temperature is dropping tonight.  We'll be close to the freezing point.  I've begun to bring in a few plants that I will winter over in our glassed in back porch.  I'm a terrible softy.  I just can't let some of them go!  I'll show you pictures of my "greenhouse" as soon as I get my camera and my computer to be "friends."
Talk to you soon!

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