Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few of our favorite things

We have old things,

We have new things.

We have things we buy.

We have things we make ourselves.

We have things that smell wonderful.

We have things that stimulate your mind.

We have things that make you feel pretty.

We have wonderful pottery for your home.

We have cuddly things.

We have things that make you laugh.

Mountain Home Gifts is a wonderful collection of lots of different things.
I have operated the gift shop which is located in the rear of the historic Bishop Otey Cottage for the last eleven years.  I am now blessed beyond measure and also call this wonderful place home.  (The commute is just terrible!   [LOL].  I step out of my kitchen or dining room and into my shop.)  We are located in beautiful downtown Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.

Come see us some time!



  1. A little too far for me to visit sadly.. [just a few thousand miles!! hehe] but you have some wonderful items in store.. lovely..

    have a great wednesday.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. If only I didn't live on the other side of the states! Looks like a wonderful shop...Happy White Wednesday