Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White Wednesdays

Aunt Sarah's Bedroom

During the 1940's and 1950's our house was known as Argo's Guest Home.
My three great-aunts and my great grand monther lived in the back of he house that was servants quarters many years ago. They rented the front of the house as a boarding home.  There were five bedrooms then.  You could come and spend the night, the day, the week or the month.

When my three great-aunts no longer ran the guest home, they moved into the front part of the house. 
Each sister claimed a room as their own.  This room was Aunt Sarah's.

Aunt Sarah's room seems to be everyone's favorite room.  My daughter Angie dressed for her wedding here.
My mom likes to sleep here when she comes to spend the night.  My granddaughter Chelsie claims it as hers when she is here.

But right now it's Marilyn's room.  Marilyn is our beautiful 11 year old cat.
I can hardly remember a time without her.  Christmas is her favorite time of year.  She loves the Christmas lights.

 But Marilyn is very sick right now.  Marilyn has feline leukemia.  They tell me it is not curable.
They tell me that the leukemia usually does not take a cat, but a secondary infection that they can just not fight.  We are doing everything we can for her.  The doctor tells us that if she can just whip this infection we might be able to keep her sheltered and protected and she might make it two or three more years.  If you don't feel it's wrong to pray for an animal, please pray for Marilyn.  If you cannot pray for her, then  please pray for me that  I can have the courage to let her go if and when that time might come.

Hopefully, Marilyn and I will talk to you soon.

Post Script:  One month later I am happy to report that Marilyn is doing great.  She seems like her old self again.  Her temp is gone, she has gained one and one half pounds and the vision that we thought was gone in her right eye is remarkably in tact.  Of course we know there is no cure for leukemia,  but she and I are looking forward to more days to come.  For now, she is well.
Thank you for any kind thoughts that came our way.
She is my Christmas miracle.
Talk to you soon,

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