Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Irises and kittens

My flower beds are coming to life!

A beautiful yellow iris

A soft yellow iris near a bird house my dad made

Soft purple and gold irises

A beautiful purple clematis my daughter Marney gave me one year

More lovely yellow irises

My beautiful white irises

A white azalea near my neighbors fence

Hostas, sedum, ferns, and monkey grass near my front porch

And of course, kittens!
By the time I take the photograph they have moved.

A face you can't do any thing but love.

And three of the cutest kitten butts you have ever seen!

What cannnnnn I do with them?


See you soon,

Update:  The kittens now have a home.  Sweet Bridget and her family wanted them all and their mother!  It absolutely broke my heart to let them go.  I have cried and cried.  But they are together, in a safe place in the country.  I love you sweet Ophelia , Thomas, Romeo, Juliet, Victoria and Spike.
Miss you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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