Saturday, June 7, 2014

The wedding

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the wedding.  Our son, John-Thomas married his sweetheart, Katy on May 24.  It was a wonderful night, a beautiful wedding.  They chose to marry here at our home.  We were so pleased.  I think the wedding was gorgeous.  I'll let you judge for your self.

Katy and John-Thomas made vanilla extract as a gift for their guests.  Katy's mom made these wonderful cookies using the vanilla.  
(I would love, love, love to have the recipe.  Everyone raved!)

S for our last name.  Angie stripped her roses for this.  Now that's love.

Peggy McMurray, her husband Mike and my beautiful mom.

 John-Thomas and Brent (above)
Katy and her handsome father Bill (below)

My grandson Scottie, my beautiful daughter Marney, my granddaughter Chelsie, and my son-in-law John.

These are quite jumbled up.  The sequence is not right, but I think you get the idea.  The wedding began at 7:00 central time.  It was still light and in the beginning it was all about the garden and the flowers.  Then as we had dinner, it began to be about the lighting.  We moved the piano to the screened in porch.  Our friend Peggy played for us.  The cake was also on the screened porch.  When it came time to cut the cake every one could see from the garden.

Isn't my son handsome.  Yes, he's a hat guy.  It was Katy's request that he wear it.  As John-Thomas said to me "Isn't she beautiful mom?"  They are a perfect match and we could not be happier.  The minister is a dear friend of ours.  This was Brent's first wedding.  John-Thomas wrote the vows.  The wedding went beautifully.  And now, as the saying goes, it is our wish that they live happily ever after.

Today is a special day for our family.  Six years ago, on June 7, our oldest daughter Angie married her true love John.  I became a mother-in-law and a grandmother on the same day. John is the best son-in-law I could ask for and Scottie and Chelsie are my own sweet grand children.  Happy Anniversary!!!

Life is sweet and God is so good!

Forgive my prideful rambling.  I promise to get back to work next week.

Hope to see you soon.


I couldn't resist.  ( Even more pictures.)

 (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.)

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