Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Garden of Weedin'

As I said in a recent post, I have been very busy in the gardens.  I want to show you the gardens near the shop door, or part of them.  I have always tried to keep pretty flowers near the shop entrance, but this year, I have gardened on the other side of the house.  You might even call it my "secret garden".  No one usually sees it because they are not usually on the east side of the house.  
I ran out this evening after the grass was cut and snatched a few pictures of the shop entrance before it got too dark.  

 Marilyn, aka "The Princess", is peeking through the screen door.  If you come to the shop, you probably won't see her.  She is very shy and hides the minute someone comes in.

Marilyn is beautiful.  She turned 14 this last July 4.  I think she will probably outlive me!!

Going in now.
The "Secret Garden" will stay secret for a little while longer.
If you come for lunch during the crafts fair you  might even want to dine there!
Just think, chicken salad and fruit tea in the Secret Garden on vintage tablecloths on the mountain in Beersheba Springs.
It  just couldn't get any better than that, now could it?

I'll give you a tour on another day.  

See you soon,

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