Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White Wednesday

Aunt Maggie's Room

Previously, I had shown you Aunt Sarah's room. I thought you might like a visit to Aunt Maggie's room.
The view from the door.

Flowers on the mantle

The window from the east

The wash stand.

Sweet flowers say welcome!

The dresser

The bed has a sweet Battenburg lace coverlet and pillow shams.
My grandaughter Chelsie has adopted this room as her own.
She calls it her "apartment".

I did the painting on the walls.
The wooden strips are actually wood.
Years ago, instead of plaster to cover the sheet rock seams they used wood strips.
Since the wood strips were real, I thought I would paint them to look like a garden trellis.

My dad made the pie safe.  I use it to store my garden books.

He also made this piece.  I am so blessed to have things he made to remember him by.

This piece was made years ago for my great aunts.  They used it to display the  handmade quilts, dolls, baskets and tatting that they made. My great aunts were very industrious and hard working.

This is one of the dolls that Aunt Maggie made.  They have hand sewn faces and hair and jointed legs and arms. They wore red, pink, yellow and turquoise checked dresses.  Aunt Maggie never married, never had any children of her own.  She probably made hundreds of these.  I guess they were her babies.

Here is a collection of some of my family pictures.
They picture lying down on the chest was my Aunt Flossie.
She had placed a caption at the top of the picture.  It reads,  "Do you ever get the feeling no one really loves and misses you?"

My great aunts, Flossie, Sarah and Maggie  when they were young.

Here they are when they were older.
From left to right.  Flossie, Sarah, my great grandmother Buena and Aunt Maggie.
Aunt Maggie was the dearest, sweetest, little lady.
My great grandmother was blind when this picture was taken.
My only memory of her is of her touching my face to "see" what I looked like.

This was my grandfather, H. T.  The H stood for Hiram, I not sure what the T stood for, but every body called him "Tot".  He was a very handsome man wasn't he?

The high chair was mine when I was a baby.
My dad also made the little wooden cabinet.

All the rooms have these wonderful shutters on the doors for privacy.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I have a new computer and I have not figured out how to edit my pictures.  Everything I know about computers I have learned from one of my three children.  Guess I need to call one!

See you soon,

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