Monday, June 20, 2011

Come sit on my porch!

Summer is here.

I have finally gotten around to showing you my new look for our porch.

 Out of our living room doors and to the right you will see this.
I have a sweet little fountain my family gave me a few years ago. 
It is so pleasant to hear the water trickling.

My grandmother's settee and chair have found a wonderful home here. 

This porch sits out and to the left of our house.
When there is a breeze you can catch the wind from almost four sides.

This is a cabinet my dad made for me from an old window and I wouldn't part with it.

It is the perfect place for relaxing and reading a magazine and dreaming of my next garden project.

This little fern is called a lemon drop fern.  I have never heard of it before or seen one, but I think it is so sweet.  I found the little bird at a favorite place of mine in Sparta.  (Yes, I have a gift shop, but it is great to see something else every once in a while.)

Out our french doors and to the left you'll see this. 
I went pink this year.  Don't know why, but it just appealed to me at the time. 

How can you beat pink and ivory and white and rose print, I ask you?

This is our favorite place to eat in the summer. 

My caladiums in the background are really beginning to look good.  I think they will be perfect for a screened porch.  Lots of color, but no blossoms to sweep up.

Of course, the swing is everybody's favorite place to be. 

My chair.  Notice the big fluffy pillow?  I love it. 

A sweet little wire flower cart with aspargus ferns and a begonia.

I bought this hanging basket a few weeks ago and brought it home.  It was beautiful, but just days after I got it home I found tiny insects which were killing one of the plants.  I had to quarantine it for a while, trim it  back and add some new white petunias.  I'm hoping it will be good as new before long.

Well, there you have it.  The grand tour of my porch.
If you're ever on the mountain, come and sit a spell.

See you soon,

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  1. What a lovely porch!

  2. Tommye, I just love all the pictures of your porch. With all the stress in my life right now, if I knew how to forget everything for awhile and bring a good book, I could really enjoy it and visiting with you. The flowers are beautiful and I can almost feel a cool breeze off the mountain while sitting in your swing. I just love a swing. The white rocker, I have one just like it that belonged to my grandmother. You take care and enjoy that beautiful porch.

  3. What an incredibly beautiful porch. I could so imagine myself there, whiling away the hours with a good book and a pot of tea! Love the rocking chair. Diane

  4. What a lovely porch you have. So beautiful and inviting.

  5. Sooo inviting, love that you have all those treasures that belong to your grandma and what your dad made for you there in the porch, so pretty!
    XXX Ido