Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roses, roses, roses.

I wanted to share some of my rose display with you.  Most of the items are hand made or hand painted.  There are a few manufactured items thrown in for variety. 

This is one of my hand painted cake stands done in berry wine color.

The welcome sign is also done in berry wine.

 As well as the punch bowl.

This cake stand is done with berry wine and a little pink thrown in for a softer look.
Hanging above the cake stand is a vintage wooden ironing board.  Got one of your own?  Bring it in along with a photo and I will paint your house or church on it for you.  (Expect a short wait for it to get finished.  There is always a lot going on around here.)

My hand painted windows are also favorites.  Below the window you see a beautiful pair of pillows.  They are made from vintage pillow cases and just gorgeous with hand made lace on the edge.

Never enough roses, never enough time.

I am making more flag pillows tonight.  Sold several today.  Yeaaay!
We are getting ready for the big Fourth of July weekend complete with parade!!!

Y'all come!  See the parade from our front yard.  How lucky can you get?

Hope to see you soon.

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