Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Messages on stone

There was a gentleman in my shop one day.  After looking around for a while, he said, "You'll paint on anything that sits still won't you?"  I laughed and said, " Yes, I guess so."
So I guess today's post bears that out.

These are my hand painted stones.

I begin with smooth, clean stones. 

It doesn't matter what size or shape.  Then I give them a few coats of a clear spray paint.  This gives them a little shine and helps seal the stone so the paint is not absorbed so readily. 

I write the words first with a small liner brush.

Then, I add the leaves.

The petals and the center of the flowers.

I use enamel paint, because it stays on well.

Here they are, finished and ready to go home with someone as a reminder of their trip.

I almost forgot the most important thing.  On the back I write the words Beersheba Springs.

The stones can be a message.

A challenge

A wish

Or a promise for someone you love.

Beersheba Springs is a wonderful place.  My home and shop are located about one fourth mile from the United Methodist Assembly.  The assembly is housed in a former pre-civil war hotel.  The UMA at Beersheba Springs serves as a wonderful retreat for numerous churches and groups.  People say Beersheba Springs is so peaceful and special.  I think it is because there have been so many prayers lifted up on this mountain top.  I only want to add to everyone's experience by making Mountain Home a truly special place as well.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

See you soon,

A quote for today - " I tell you, if these were quiet the very stones would cry out."   Luke 19:40
 Jesus at his triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Praise Him!

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