Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back door guests are best

When you come to Mountain Home, come to the back door.  If I'm open, it's open.

My flowers are not so colorful this year.  Lots of greens and whites and a little pink.

See my beautiful sweet summer clematis?  It's almost ready to bloom.  It is waiting, I am sure, for all of your visits next week.  By then it should be an explosion of white.

I decided not to use so many begonias and impatiens this year.  They are so very tender and freeze at the first cold spell.  I am hoping my Dusty Miller and Asparagus Fern last a little longer.  It is so hard to replace so many plants at once.

I have something to the left of my door that I have never tried before.

It is a Purple Cherokee tomato and I have two that are beginning to ripen.
I really can't wait.  Purple Cherokee is an heirloom tomato that is supposed to do well in Tennessee and have exceptional taste.

Of course I had to have a few impatiens and ferns.

I have always grown impatiens at the base of the dogwood.  Most all of my plants are potted, except the perennials.  Under the dogwood is the most pleasant place to be.  After four o'clock, the shade from the woods comes over and cools the whole yard.  It's a lovely place to sit, rest, listen to the fountain and watch the flowers grow.

I'm afraid I am not a very tidy gardener.  I tend to let things just grow where they will. 

I'll try to remember to show you the clematis when it is in full bloom.  Better yet, come see it for your self!
The fragrance is heavenly.

See you soon,

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  1. Your garden is simply beautiful! I love messy gardens! So much more vivid and interesting;o)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics;o)

    ¤ Happy day ¤