Friday, August 5, 2011

Tea towel and pillow case pillow tutorial

I know, I have been gone too long!
My only excuse is that I have been working very hard.
I thought you might like to see how I turn a pillow case or tea towel into a pillow.

I begin by ironing the tea towel or pillow case flat.
I am working hear with a vintage tea towel.
Iron the towel flat and fold the bottom up.  Here you will have to use your own judgement.  Fold the bottom up and the top down and adjust so that you can get the largest pillow possible and have the largest flap possible to make your pillow pretty.

Starting at the left bottom corner, begin to sew and then back stitch.  Continue sewing up the left side.

Turn the corner and stitch across the top.
The design you are viewing hear should be the wrong side.  When you have finished, this part will flip down and you will see the right side.

Continue across the top and turn the corner going down the right hand side.  Stitch down only part of the way.  Leave enough room to be able to stuff the pillow.

Leave the needle down, inserted into the fabric.  With the needle in place, begin to stuff the pillow.
Here, it might be a good idea to either turn off your machine, or move your foot far away from the foot pedal.  You wouldn't want to sew a finger!

Stuff your pillow with fiberfill.  Being sure to fill corners.
Stuff gently so you will have as few wrinkles as possible.

When your pillow is stuffed just the way you like, it is time to finish sewing down the right side.
Tuck the fiberfill back out of your way a little.  Remember, your needle is still down, inserted in your pillow.

Gently, but firmly, pull the two halves of the pillow together.
You may have to hold the pillow behind  the needle also. 
Sew the pillow down the right hand side.

Holding the pillow together as best you can.

Continue to the corner.

And back stitch.  Clip your threads and flip down the top and you are finished.

There you have it, a pillow with one seam in about ten minutes.

You can turn out lots of these very quickly.

Finding the pillow cases and tea towels will be your most difficult job.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial. 
I have been very busy getting ready for fall.  Unfortunately, I have let my posting slide.

I will try to post new items each day if I can at all.
The shop is looking just wonderful!  We now have two Christmas rooms and two fall areas.  Our big arts and crafts festival that is held within walking distance of the shop is only three weeks away.  Three weeks????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still so much to be done!!!!!!  But less than yesterday. 
Hope to see you soon!

Love you all,

Please pray for our country and keep it always in your prayers.
All I know to do is -

Pray Hard, Work Hard, Trust God

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