Tuesday, November 2, 2010

White Wednesday

Don't you just love white linens?  I bought the cutwork pillows from a sweet lady in her 80's.  They were a wedding gift to her when she married and are in mint condition.  The desight is of an orchid. Simply beautiful. 
I don't know how she stood to part with them, but I'm so glad she did.   I will cherish them always.

Our home, built in 1856, was previously home to my great-grandmother and my three great aunts, Flossie, Sarah and Maggie.  This is the bedding in the largest room in the house.  (The little girl in the picture is me! We all have our days!!  LOL). We now use this as our master bedroom.  It formerly was my great aunt Flossie's room. 

The pillow in the foreground is made from a single white vintage pillow case.

Aunt Sarah's room was here.  It is the smallest of the three, but everyone's favorite.

The pillow on the bed was also made from a vintage white pillow case.

My daughter Angie used this room to dress in when she married two years ago.

The wedding took place in the yard just outside  the window.  You can catch a glimpse of one of my stained glass pieces made by my daughter Marney just behind the sheers.

These linens are found in my great aunt Maggie's room.  Another pillow made from a vintage pillow case.  The rest of the bedding is a simply wonderful collection of battenburg lace.  I found the coverlet at an antique shop for only $6.00.  The other pieces were found here and there.

Aunt Maggie was the most precious little lady with snow white hair.
She sat in this room for hours at a time making sweet jointed baby dolls.  She never had any children, but loved them so much.  She made many, many dolls. Many of them are still loved and cherished today.

The flower garden quilt at the end of the bed is very old and was made by my great grandmother.
It is actually a pieced quilt top that has never been quilted.  It was given to us by a friend who had purchased it from grandma Buena many years ago.  She felt that we would love to have it.  She was so very right!

I'm so glad you stopped by for my White Wednesday post.  Please check back often.  Someday soon I'll show you each room in detail and maybe a short tutorial about some uses for vintage pillow cases.

See you soon,


  1. You have a lovely home. Love the white coverlet. Happy WW.


  2. Our house was built around 1855-love to see more of yours-family history is the best-we're both very blessed!

  3. Beautiful White Wednesday Post ~ Thank You for Sharing....